Denmark: Hiking in Mols Bjerge National Park and visit at Clausholm Castle

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Travel tips if you are staying in Jutlandia, Denmark

This 1 day trip was done by car and was the first trip outside Aarhus I did with Victor. Since Victor is an outdoor guide I wanted to show him the nearest national park and afterwards I showed him some Danish culture!


The national park Mols Bjerge, 40 minutes drive from Aarhus. I thought I was going to show Victor some special Danish nature, but Victor said the nature reminded him of Chile; same fruits, berries, trees and plants. How come? Well, guess what. South of Chile and Denmark have actually the same climate zone, the tempered zone. Meaning the weather is kind of similar and the same with the plantation.

So yeah, he wasn’t that impressed. But he liked the trip (my awesome company upweight everything). We had a good walk and saw the Mols Bjerge nature center where they have a beauuuuutiful collection of stuffed animals (Im being ironic. Stuffed animals always look like shit. Period). Yo can see a picture further down the text.

2016-07-13 11.38.58
Is it Chile, is it Denmark??

Well, what Victor actually was really impressed about was the amount of cherry plum (“mirabelle” in Danish) trees and – even better – the plums were still green and sour! I only eat them when they are red, mature and sweet, but Victor likes to eat them green with salt. I tried it with salt and it tasts like a cheap tequila shot – and you really don´t feel like having the taste of tequila in the middle of the day.. ew…

2016-07-13 11.46.30

What you all have been waiting for! Look at this stuffed fox! Stuffed foxes just look stupid no matter how you do it – why on Earth where they trying to make it look like in a “more real life situation kind of” by putting a stuffed mouse in it´s mouth? I was laughing so hard (seriously – try to seek for “stuffed foxes” on Google. This one even looks pretty in comparison!)

2016-07-13 21.07.07


How to get there: There are different routes and they are not that complicated. Remember, there are no mountains in Denmark. So even if you are in bad shape you can do it. If u are in a car search for the address Mols Bjerge Vej 8, 8400 Ebeltoft, Danmark. Here you can park the car and you will find some different suggestions for hiking routes and they are not more than 5-6km long.


Then it was time to leave the wild nature and see some impressive buildings! This time we took a step forward in time when it comes to architecture (in comparison with Voergaard castle): Clausholm Castle is from the baroque age. Clausholm is today still an active operation as modern estate and agricultural business and the fifth-generation still lives there. How cool is that!



As you can see we were not done with stuffed animals!

2016-07-13 15.21.37

Its s nice place to visit just for some hours. Bring lunch and eat outside. They have a beautiful park with benches for visitors.


Read more about the castle HERE

Let me know if you can recommend other castles around Jutlandia for our next trip in Denmark. We also consider visiting the island Fiona (Fyn).

Pictures taken by me and @Chilevida

Visit the beautiful castle from the baroque age: Clausholm Castle


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