When a door closes a new one opens

When a door closes a new one opens This is basically my life right now. As you could see in my former posts, my and my boyfriend were going 6 months to Mexico. First of all to take a step out of the treadmill; spend time together, travel, explore and have fun. No exact plan and open for everything. Maybe we could find a job and live in Mexico? We had so many great ideas. But life is unpredictable and sometimes things don’t work as planned. After 7 weeks we travelled back to Denmark. We were no more a couple. We had 7 wonderful weeks in Mexico and I don’t[…]

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Making vacation in Harz sexy again

I have always wanted to go to Harz in Germany because of the beautiful nature and hiking possibilities. Harz had it’s days of glory in the 80’s and is in Denmark known for a vacation place for old people. Not that sexy, I know! Despite this, I have always wanted to go there for the sake of nature and adventures! For my birthday I got a trip to Harzen, a long weekend in Bad Suderode, a nice little village 1,5 hours from Goslar. The hotel was fine, a lot of old people but who cares 🙂 I’ll show you what I experienced the 3 days I was in Harz in pictures:[…]

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