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Do you want to explore something different then the typical “W” or “O” trek in Torres del Paine? Laguna Azul is  famous for having the best view to the iconic towers of the national park and it is worth a visit. Victor and I took a half-day trip to Laguna Azul to see the towers from another angle and get to know the park better. We were there a day in January – high season – and it was amazing to find such a beautiful place with no crowds of people.

I hope you will get inspired by the pictures to go there!



We warmed up with the short lookout “Sierra Masle” only 15 minutes walk from the parking place. On the way we passed big groups of Guanacos, a Patagonian relative to the llama. Even though I have seen the guanacos many times I still get so happy to be that close to them in their natural habitat. Unfortunately the guanacos dont share my enthusiasm. They kind of looked at us like “Guys, the party is over, weird looking Pumas have arrived, we gotta move…”. You know that feeling when arriving at a party all excited to see that the cool kids from the block are there as well, and they just look at you and leave the party? That is the kind of welcome you can expect from the guanacos. Anyways. Doing the Sierra Masle lookout takes maximum half an hour going out and back but the view to the towers is stunning (and photo friendly).

Laguna Azul Torres del Paine National park
See me, I am hanging out with my guanaco friends!
Laguna Azul, Torres del Paine: One of the best view to the iconic towers. Recommendation and information about this beautiful place
From Laguna Azul you can see all three towers. From the left: South tower, Central tower and North tower. Photo by @chilevida


From the same parking place you are able start the hike to Laguna Cebolla. It takes more or less 2 hours to get there and 2 hours back. The route is easy and would be a perfect walk for a family with kids or if you want a more relaxed hike to explore the park. Victor has still not fully recovered his ankle from his accident in October and the hike was therefore perfect  to not overload his ankle.

The hike is beautiful and as you walk you only get closer and closer to the iconic towers. But I need to be honest with you guys – we never made it to Laguna Cebolla. My bird-enthusiast of a husband kept on going off the beaten path to take pictures of birds making the walk longer than normal. I am actually pretty amazed how he manages to see all these birds. They are not always that easy to see, but he hears and sees them everywhere!  Its kind of having a kid in a candy shop. So are you into birds this is one place to find them. After 2 hours walking and still no sight of Laguna Cebolla we went back because we had some other plans for the day. I am sorry I cannot show any “we made it to Laguna Cebolla” photos this time!

Laguna Azul Torres del Paine National park
Aaah such a photo friendly view! Photo by @chilevida
Laguna Sofia, Torres del Paine
The odd looking trees are dead trees caused by one of the (many) fires in the park.


Laguna Azul is administrated by CONAF in collaboration with Eco Camp and you will find toilets, shower, benches and a dinning area where you can bring your food and eat. It is always guarded by people. It is not allowed to camp there. Campers with own toilet facilities are allowed, but you need to get permission by CONAF either before entering (you can visit their office in Puerto Natales) or at the administration of Laguna Azul. You dont need to pay entrance to this area.

Laguna Azul, Torres del Paine
Photo by @chilevida


Can you recommend some 1-day trails in the park Torres del Paine, please share 🙂

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Laguna Azul is one of the best view to the iconic towers of Torres del Paine national park in Chile. From here you can walk to Laguna Cebolla and get even closer to the towers. Read more on the website and get inspired by the photos!


  1. Dear Nana, I just added your blog to my favorite ones list. I fell in love with Patagonia reading Sepulveda’s novels. Up to now unfortunately I could not visit it yet, because it’s very difficult for me to take 3/4 weeks holiday at Christmas time. But for sure, one day or another, I will come there! Meanwhile, I will keep on reading your posts! Un abrazo. Cristina

    1. Thank you Christina! Thats great to hear 🙂 I hope this blog will continue inspiring you and you one day will be able to come down here and visit this amazing place. If you do – please let me know 🙂 Abrazo, Nana

  2. Hey Nana! Thanks for the advice. I didn’t have the time, money, or energy to do one of the big treks. So like you, I chose a day trek… this one to the base of Torres del Paine. It was so worthwhile. I will definitely have to try Laguna Azul when I’m back there next week 🙂

    1. Hi Tam, just read your article – glad you had some great days here:) I still haven’t done the W or the O )gonna do the W the 31th of Martz), but I have two other recommendations to you: Mirador Condor. 1,5 ours and an amazing view. Now you are warmed up and then do the Ferrier lookout beside Lago Grey. Around 4 hours hike, not easy (up, up, up in almost 1,5 hours) but you will be rewarded with an even more amazing view: Glacier Grey, Glacier Zapata and glacier Pingo. Have fun and good luck with the travels 🙂

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