Laguna Azul, Torres del Paine: One of the best view to the iconic towers. Recommendation and information about this beautiful place


Do you want to explore something different then the typical “W” or “O” trek in Torres del Paine? Laguna Azul is  famous for having the best view to the iconic towers of the national park and it is worth a visit. Victor and I took a half-day trip to Laguna Azul to see the towers from another angle and get to know the park better. We were there a day in January – high season – and it was amazing to find such a beautiful place with no crowds of people. I hope you will get inspired by the pictures to go there!   HIKING TO SIERRA MASLE LOOKOUT We warmed up[…]

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Things to do in Punta Arenas, Chile


Punta Arenas is the capital city of Chile’s southernmost region, Magallanes and Antartica Chilean and placed 250km/155miles south from Puerto Natales. Most people take the plane to Punta Arenas, stay one night and then go to Puerto Natales to visit Torres del Paine national park. But if you did go all the way to Patagonia to enjoy the nature and wildlife you should stay some more days in Punta Arenas because this city actually has some very cool things to do and see – you just need to go a little bit outside the city. This was our first (out of many) honeymoon as married couple – and we spend it exploring Punta Arenas[…]

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5 reasons why dating an outdoor guide is awesome


I am so lucky that I have my own personal Bear Grylls! Victor is an experienced outdoor guide and I am so proud of him. We are not talking “Sunny Beach” or “Springbreak in Cancun” guide. This guy knows his shit and his knowledge about history, nature, animals and outdoor life is impressing. I actually thought about being guide myself many years ago but society told me I should go to the University and read some books about things I already forgot about. Who knows, maybe he convince me to pursue this old dream. Sure it sounds more fancy to say that your boyfriend or husband is a lawyer or doctor. But[…]

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1 month itinerary for beautiful Colombia


1 month in Colombia is not much time to explore this wonderful country but I have made a 1 month itinerary for Colombia so you have an idea of how many days you could stay in each place and what to do. My focus was nature and outdoor adventures. So why did I end up in Colombia on my first solo travel? Colombia had for many years been on my bucket list. To be honest I think it was Shakira that started the idea when she put her country on the world map with her hip shaking song “whenever-wherever”. Then back in 2007 my best friend and I were about to decide[…]

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The guide recommends: what to put in your backpack to hit Torres del Paine National park. Patagonia, Chile


“THE GUIDE RECOMMENDS” was an idea Victor and I got because we often talk about our future outdoor adventures and he helps me understand this “world” of trekking, mountaineering and outdoor life since I haven’t much experience (yet!!). Victor has 14 years of experience as outdoor guide and is currently working as guide in Torres del Paine National park and this article is meant to help people who are going for multiple days in the park.   “WHAT ABOUT THE WEATHER?” PREPAIR YOURSELF FOR ALL KIND OF WEATHER Number one concern of travellers is always the weather. They try to predict how its gonna be before arriving but in Patagonia its[…]

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In my daily work I meet a lot of tourist during the day that want to hike in the national park Torres del Paine. Most popular is the “W” or the trail Macizo Paine Grande. The amount of visitors has exploded resent years and last year a lot of people experienced that the free and private camping areas were already full when they arrived. This year CONAF took the consequences of this and made some regulations to control the amount of people in the lodges, camping and refugios. For you as a visitor it means that you need to plan your trip well before entering the park if you are[…]

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5 amazing tours you need to do in Puerto Natales, Chile

What is more obviously to make a little travel guide about the city Puerto Natales I am currently living in! Maybe I even persuade some good friends to come visit me here at the end of the world (put in flirting smilie). For whom: This guide is ideal for people who are not planning to hike in the national park Torres del Paine but still want to experience the park and the surrounding area of Puerto Natales. The tours are either half-day tours or full days.   Torres del Paine (full day): This tour is ideal for people who wants to see some of the most beautiful places on the way to[…]

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Denmark: Hiking in Mols Bjerge National Park and visit at Clausholm Castle

Travel tips if you are staying in Jutlandia, Denmark This 1 day trip was done by car and was the first trip outside Aarhus I did with Victor. Since Victor is an outdoor guide I wanted to show him the nearest national park and afterwards I showed him some Danish culture! NATIONAL PARK MOLS BJERGE The national park Mols Bjerge, 40 minutes drive from Aarhus. I thought I was going to show Victor some special Danish nature, but Victor said the nature reminded him of Chile; same fruits, berries, trees and plants. How come? Well, guess what. South of Chile and Denmark have actually the same climate zone, the tempered zone.[…]

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Chile life: we almost had to leave our life in Puerto Natales because of an accident

Monday the 31st of October. Everything was going great. Victor had a lot of work to do, I was approaching my first month of work and we had a 1-day trip to Argentina Tuesday to see the impressive glacier Perito Moreno. Some days earlier we had made a list of things we wanted to do during the season and after the season. We calculated the money we had and how much we would earn. We were being very positive about the future! Then I got a message from Victor that took us through an emotional roller coaster ride through the not-so-friendly Chilean health system. THE ACCIDENT IN TORRES DEL PAINE[…]

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How did Victor and I meet each other? You better ask “where”!

People often ask how Victor and I met each other and I always start the story by saying “the amazon jungle in the middle of nowhere”. As mentioned in my Sunday Confessions 5 I dont believe in coincidences but yes, this random place on earth was where I met him. So what was I doing there? I was travelling 1 month alone in Colombia, wasn’t looking for anyone, I just came out of a relationship 3 months earlier and this trip was kind of a personal journey where I had to re-discover how to be alone again. I was approaching my last week in Colombia and my plan was going to Leticia to visit[…]

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